Integrate your clients' TikTok social accounts on AgencyAnalytics for even more comprehensive reporting of their complete social media performance.
Track top-level profile metrics to report on your client's TikTok growth over time.
  • Net followers
  • Profile views
  • Video views
  • Likes
  • Comments, and
  • Shares
Display demographic data to help you fine-tune your client's audience targeting.
  • Followers by country, and
  • Followers by gender
And dive into individual video metrics to help you analyze the impact and effectiveness of your client's content and gain a clear understanding of which videos are resonating with your client's audience.
  • Video views
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Reach
  • Average time watched
  • Total time watches, and
  • Full video watch rate
For help with connecting the new TikTok integration, click here.