An Upgrade to our Integration
This week we're bringing you an upgrade to our integration, bringing on board 7 new sections and corresponding metrics!
Check out our blog post for more info!
Google Analytics v4
This is by far our most-requested integration ever. It's time to announce the release of Google Analytics 4!
Check out our blog for more info!
Introducing Twilio Integration and Public Access To Our Roadmap!
This week we have two exciting updates for you:
  • We're introducing a brand new integration to Twilio, giving you the ability to report on both call and SMS tracking metrics.
  • Our roadmap is now open to users of our platform, meaning you can see what's coming, submit requests, and vote on other users' requests!
Check out our blog for more info!
Hubspot Integration Upgrade and New LinkedIn Ads Filter!
This week we're introducing an update to our Hubspot integration, bringing you new sections and widgets!
We're also enabling the ability to filter your LinkedIn Ads for specific campaigns, mirroring the functionality for Google Ads and Facebook Ads we recently released. See our blog post for more information!
Update to Email Integrations and 'Add To Dashboard' option on widgets
This week we're bringing you updates to three of our Email Integrations - Active Campaign, Campaign Monitor, and Constant Contact.
We've also added a new 'Add To Dashboard' on our widgets - check out our blog for more information!
Filter for individual or multiple ad campaigns
New Feature
You can now easily show data for one or more specific ad campaigns in any report or dashboard.
This feature is available for Facebook Ads campaigns and ad sets, and Google Ads campaigns and ad groups.
Check out our Knowledgebase Article for more info!
Presentation Mode - A New Way To Present Your Data
New Feature
What better way to start the new year than by having a new way to view your data. This week, we've released a small, but much requested, update - Presentation Mode!
Compare to Previous Date - New Widget Update
This week, we have another exciting update to our line graph widgets! When you now compare date ranges on our line graph widget, you will see two lines on the chart. This will allow you to easily and quickly compare data at a glance!
Check out our blog for more info on the update!
Brand New Widgets & Updates
This week, we're bringing you new functionality to our existing dashboard widgets, as well as two brand new widgets that you can use to enhance your clients' reporting dashboards.
Check out our blog for more information!
A New Integration to WildJar Call Tracking
This week, we've added a brand new integration to WildJar!
WildJar is a call tracking and intelligence software, designed to allow you to monitor your important call KPIs and metrics.
Check out our latest blog for more details!
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