Updated Reports and Dashboards Builder
An improved interface that makes creating unique marketing dashboards and client reports even easier.
Here’s what’s new:
  • Connect integrations right from within the dashboard editor to quickly onboard new clients
  • Clone existing report sections so you save time creating and updating reports
  • Add widgets to your dashboards by dragging and dropping without slowing down
  • See changes in real-time when editing widgets for instant feedback on your progress
Manage Your Integrations from One Location
Easily access your new account-level integrations area to ensure that your data and success metrics from various integrations are up-to-date and ready for analysis.
Simply select 'Integrations' from the left-hand menu while you are at your account-level campaign screen.
Simplifying White Label Colour Options
This week, we've simplified the naming of our white label options!
White Label Logo Recommendations Based on URL
Sometimes, it's the small things that matter.
We’re making white labeling easier by suggesting logos directly from your or your client's website to display on your dashboards and reports.
This new upgrade makes white labeling even quicker, so you can spend time where it matters: delivering customization and value to your clients.
Head over to your white label settings to check it out!
TikTok Ads Reporting Made Easy For Agencies
Your clients want to know how your agency can use TikTok to grow their business. This new TikTok Ads integration makes it easy to show them how.
Check out our blog post for more info!
Google Ads Local Campaigns & Local Conversion Actions
With this new upgrade to your Google Ads integration, you can now access these helpful new Local metrics.
New users, simply activate the Google Ads integration to enable this functionality.
Existing users, just re-integrate to Google Ads and these updates are all yours!
See our help doc for more info!
Clone Goals across Campaigns!
Applying Goals across various campaigns just got easier, you now simply 'Clone' them!
See our help doc for more info!
Filter Reports By Campaign Group
You can now filter by 'Campaign' and 'Campaign Group' when searching your Reports!
See our help doc for more info!
Campaign Group Filters
Exploring Your Data Just Got Way Easier
Your new Metrics and Filters slide-out menu design makes it easier to explore and apply metrics and filters to any dashboard.
New Account Activity Log
New Feature
The new Activity Log section of your dashboard will allow you to keep track of what's happening at both the Account and Campaign levels.
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