New Integration to Amazon Ads and UI Updates
This week, we've launched the much-anticipated integration with Amazon Ads!
The world's largest online retailer, you can now track your Amazon Ads campaigns, right down to the product ASIN, from within your AgencyAnalytics dashboard.
See our blog for more info!
We've also added updates to our campaigns selection dropdown menu, and to our notifications area:
Localized Numbers & Date Formats!
We now support different countries for each language!
This will affect how numbers are displayed based on your selected country, as well as the date format for English-US to mm-dd-yy, while everything else will use dd-mm-yy.
We've also added the ability to use emoticons in, well, pretty much everywhere! Widget titles, reports etc - go ahead and try it out!
Upgrades to Google My Business and CallRail
We've just added the ability to connect up to 50 Google My Business listings, as well as adding new and improved CallRail metrics!
Here is the list of new CallRail metrics:
AI Tags: Top tags, tags by traffic source, tags for device (This may be completed already)
Unique calls metric
"Qualified" calls / Qualified Leads metric
Average Call Length
"Performance Dashboard" - CallRail reports how many new calls were generated last month, bounce rate, etc.
Lead Status metric (previously complete)
Keywords data (previously complete)
~ 'Total Quotable' or equivalent
Individual Call Value (In Table Only)
Forms metrics:
"Qualified" forms/leads +1
First Time Form Submissions
Fillouts +1
Filter by CallRail tags (previously complete)
Filter by all other metrics (ie: first time callers, location, device, keywords, source type, etc.).
Request for support filtering by Source, when CallRail's API does support it.
Ability to filter by a given phone number in the main integration screen as well as the dashboard and report widgets. For example, many agencies have a phone number for Google Ads, one for GMB etc.
Calls by day and time (chart/filter)
Calls by hour
Download Calls / Url in Table (previously complete)
Recording URL in XLS export (previously complete)
A New Integration to Pinterest Ads
This week, we're launching a brand new integration to Pinterest Ads!
With this new integration, you can report on the successes of your Pinterest Ads campaigns to your clients!
Check out our blog post for more info!
New Integration to Yelp Ads
This week, we're bringing you a brand new integration to Yelp Ads - adding to both our PPC and Local list of integrations!
Take a look at our blog post for more info!
Integration to Google Display & Video 360!
Welcome to our newest integration: Google Display & Video 360!
Google Display & Video 360's platform allows you to monitor your campaigns from end-to-end, and now you can report on those campaigns right within AgencyAnalytics.
Check out our blog post for more info!
New Integration to Klaviyo!
We're adding Klaviyo to our repertoire of email integrations!
This means you can now display your powerful Klaviyo data on custom dashboards, you can automate your email marketing reporting, and show your clients the full value of what you're doing at a glance!
Check out our blog for more information!
Add Secondary Dimensions To Your Graph Widgets!
We've added the ability for you to display two dimensions on one graph within your AgencyAnalytics dashboards and reports! This allows you to compare two dimensions quickly and at a glance.
Check out our blog for more information!
Feature Update - A New Way to Preview Templates!
This week, we're bringing you two new feature updates! Aimed at making your dashboard and report building workflow even easier, we've added template previews and an 'Add to Report' function on your dashboards!
Check out our latest blog for more info!
New Centro DSP & Centro / Basis Integrations!
This week we're adding integrations for both Centro DSP and Centro / Basis to our list of PPC integrations!
See our latest blog for more info
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