—a brand new section in the platform where you test drive the latest innovations and often-requested features that are still in development!
The first Labs feature, based on popular demand, is
Multiple Facebook Pages in a Single Campaign
. You’re able to:
  • Add up to 5 Facebook pages to any single client campaign
  • Toggle between your client’s multiple Facebook pages in the Facebook dashboard
  • Switch between pages in your widgets within custom dashboards and reports
  • Create custom metrics that combine data from multiple pages in a campaign
The Multiple Facebook Pages Labs release is a part of
MultiView Campaigns
—a broader feature being tested to help you quickly and easily connect multiple accounts per integration to a single client campaign. After all, we’re on a mission to help your agency be more effective.
Ready to try it?
  • Click the Labs section in the left side navigation bar
  • Add MultiView Campaigns
  • Start adding multiple Facebook pages to any client campaign
Keep checking back in Labs for cutting-edge drops from our innovation team. Data warehousing, AI insights & more could be coming your way soon!
*Please note, this feature is
only available on the Agency plan and above
. *