Improvements to Call Tracking and Google Analytics Modules

over 3 years ago

We've given our Call Rail, Call Tracking Metrics, and Google Analytics: Pages modules a facelift.

With the Google Analytics update, the new version shows one graph at a time, with a further breakdown by top pages for each metric on the right:


Click any of the "widgets" along the middle of the page to switch the graph and "top pages" breakdown. The "Landing Pages" and "Exit Pages" tabs work the same way.

We've also updated both the Call Rail and Call Tracking Metrics integrations with the same fresh style that we've given to the Backlinks and Google Analytics areas.

Finally, due to popular demand, the name of the Call Rail integration is now removed and white labelled after you've connected it.

Questions? Feedback? Let us know! Don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly support team, right through your dashboard.