Better Onboarding, & Hiding Unused Integrations

New Feature
about 1 year ago

We've improved our onboarding process for brand new subscribers! Existing customers can also now navigate their integrations more easily by hiding anything they're not using.

Onboarding Update

Anyone who signs up for a new AgencyAnalytics account will now be greeted by a step-by-step guide, to ensure they're up and running quickly. Existing users will notice a clearer layout when setting up their dashboards.


Hide Unused Integrations

 Admin and staff users can now choose to toggle their left-side menu to show all available integrations, or just the ones you've connected.

Simply click the "Compress Menu" button at the bottom of the left-side menu to hide all unused integrations:

Compress menu.png

To show those hidden integrations, just click the same button again.

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