Release notes

Features and improvements we've recently shipped.

March 20, 2018

Custom Dashboard Widgets

New Feature

We've just released custom dashboard widgets platform-wide.

You can now add arbitrary text, links, images, and charts to your client dashboard areas. We envision these custom dashboard widgets being primarily used for:

  • Periodic campaign summaries and updates
  • Coupon codes and upsells
  • Cobranding, with client logos
  • Screenshots of metrics from 3rd party providers
  • Links back to your site
  • To add a custom dashboard widget, click "Add Widget", then drill down through "Misc", and select "Text Box":

Check out this Knowledgebase article for further instructions on adding and configuring these new custom dashboard widgets.

Questions? Comments? Don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly support team :-)

February 27, 2018

Marketing Dashboard Updates

New Feature

In response to your feedback, we've rolled out a handful of new features and bug fixes today.

They are:

1. Pre-Configured Dashboard Templates

2. Mobile Dashboards

3. The Ability to Clone Dashboard Templates

In addition to the above, we rolled out some less noticeable features today as well, each designed to improve the customer user experience.

  • Changed the "X" button for dashboard deletion so that it's only visible in "Edit" mode
  • To accommodate the above change, we changed the position of the * "Edit mode" slider
  • New widgets are now added to the bottom of the dashboard rather than the top
  • Fixed a bug with scroll visibility for OSX

Check out the announcement on our blog for an in-depth walkthrough on these new features!

Questions or feedback? Don't hesitate to reach out at

December 19, 2017

Google My Business Insights

New Feature

Google My Business Insights is here! And if that's not enough, the integration also includes standalone, native Google+ reviews data. Enable the integration inside of any campaign under SEO --> Google My Business:


Click here to check out the full announcement and walk through on our blog. And stay tuned for additional features releases in the near future!

Questions or feedback? Don't hesitate to reach out at

November 28, 2017

Google Plus Integration

New Feature

Hot on the heels of last week's "Reviews" section release, today we're thrilled to roll out our long awaited Google Plus integration. You'll find it under Social --> Google+:


This new integration matches the look and feel of our other social media analytics areas to provide a seamless branding experience. You can now include Google Plus metrics like total followers, followers over time, replies, re-shares, and plus ones in your client reporting and live client dashboards.

In addition, show clients the hard work that you've done marketing each individual post, with a scrollable feed that provides per-post analytics.

As always, please reach out to with any questions!

November 21, 2017

Review Section Featuring Yext and BirdEye

New Feature

Today, we're excited to announce the release of the first completely new dashboard section in over 2 years. You'll now find a navigation item for "Reviews" in your dark, left-hand side campaign navigation.


That section is being released with integrations for both Yext and BirdEye, with additional Review integrations being planned for the future.

Check out the full blog post announcing the new feature (complete with a screen by screen walkthrough) at this link.

Questions or feedback? Don't hesitate to reach out at

New Integration: Pinterest is Here!

New Feature

Pinterest marketers rejoice! We've just rolled out our long-awaited Pinterest integration. You can now include your Pinterest marketing metrics right alongside the rest of your client reporting.

The new integration follows our new Social modules look and format and allows you to track your Followers, Pins, Saves, and Comments over time...

A-0320d08-Pinterest.gif well as to highlight your site's Pinterest "Feed", showing off Saves and Comments on each post.

As always, check out the full announcement here on our blog!

Questions or feedback? Don't hesitate to reach out at

August 24, 2017

LinkedIn Updates Released


Today, we're thrilled to release the last of our planned social media module updates for this summer, with an overhaul to LinkedIn!

You'll now find separate tabs breaking down Engagement and Demographics in gorgeous full-colour graphs,  as well as a modernized, scrollable "Feed" tab:


Updates to our "Feed" and "Overview" sections are slated for later in the year. We hope you love the new look and new metrics for LinkedIn and the rest of our social integrations! Check out the full announcement here on the blog.

August 14, 2017

Update for Twitter Integration


Once again, I’m thrilled to announce another milestone in our July/August 2017 social integrations overhaul! Today, we’ve moved our updated Twitter integration out of the sandbox. It’s now available to all customers, platform-wide.

Similar to our other recent social updates, this Twitter update brings with it a fresh look, fresh new metrics, and a modernized "Feed" view.


Check out the full blog post announcing the release at this link.

Questions or feedback? Don't hesitate to reach out at

August 03, 2017

Update for YouTube Integration


Today we're thrilled to roll out a matching new look (along with a modernized array of metrics) for our YouTube integration. 

The updated YouTube integration offers separate tabs for Engagement, Demographics, and a Video feed, as well as a broader "Overview" tab.


For a more complete "tour" and detailed walkthrough of the new metrics available for YouTube with this update, don't hesitate to check out the official blog post announcement here.

Separate updates - with a similar look and offering brand new metrics - are slated to be rolled out for Twitter and LinkedIn over the coming weeks.

Questions or feedback? Don't hesitate to reach out at

July 21, 2017

Update for Facebook Social Integration


As part of a multi-week initiative this summer to overhaul our social media integrations, we've just released a major update for Facebook!

In addition to a fresh, modern look that includes gorgeous, full-color graphs, we've also updated our Facebook integration to report on an array of new metrics and demographic data points.


Similar updates for the remainder of our social media integrations are planned over the next 30 days!

Check out the full announcement, along with a tour and what could possibly be an overabundance of moving GIFS, on our blog.

Questions or feedback? Don't hesitate to reach out at