Two useful new widgets have just been added to the HighLevel integration in AgencyAnalytics:
  • Opportunities by Stage
  • Opportunities by Pipeline
With these new widgets, streamline your workflow by filtering opportunities with pinpoint accuracy!
Key Enhancements:
  • Opportunities by Stage widget:
    Gain immediate insights into where your opportunities stand within each stage.
  • Opportunities by Pipeline widget:
    View a holistic picture of your pipelines and how opportunities are distributed across them.
  • Advanced Stage filtering:
    The filtering process has been refined by incorporating the stage names prefixed with their corresponding pipeline names, separated by a dash ('-'). For example, "Pipeline - Stage". This refinement ensures a more organized display and allows for more intuitive navigation through your sales data.
These HighLevel integration updates are designed to give you a more clear and granular view of your sales landscape so you can make informed decisions that drive your business forward.